Milena Faitondjieva - founder of the school and coach

"I love the kids and I love to work with them, for me it is joy, fun and magic - the magic of tennis"

Milena has been practicing tennis since early childhood. She graduated from the National Sports Academy with specialties: Tennis Coach; Sports teacher; Master of Sports Management. She has been a coach for more than 16 years, and she has been involved with children from the age of 4, enjoying their adulthood.

She has participated in various tournaments:

- Up to 12 years old: 1st medal, 3rd place at the State Championship in singles and 2nd in pairs

- up to 14 years old: Republican champion

- up to 16 years: Quarter finals in single and 3rd place in pairs

- up to 18 years: quarter final single and champion in pairs

- Women: 3rd place in single and 2nd place in pairs

- dozens of first class medals

- student single singles champion, couples and mixed couples for 4 years

- international tournaments, including European championships