Everyone at any age can play tennis. Tennis strengthens bones and muscles, improves coordination, develops concentration and rapid strategic thinking. It is a sport that builds children as individuals, teaches them a movement culture and develops their physics in the best way. And most importantly, everything happens in the form of fun, with new friends, in a pleasant unloading atmosphere.

Our tennis lessons are led by highly qualified coaches, national competitors with years of experience working with children and adults.

For new students we provide rockets and balls.

Our exercises include various exercises:

* game with basket (elemental training - forehand, backhand, volley, serve)

* play in pairs (two trainer under the supervision of a coach)

* point play

* different types of tennis games

* general physical training exercises (GPP)

* mini tennis (games to challenge the interest of our youngest students to tennis, to keep the attention and concentration)

INDIVIDUAL TENNIS LESSONS. Individual tennis lessons are suitable for children and adults. The trainees are given the opportunity to improve their skills under supervision and with the help of a professional trainer.

TENNIS TIRES FOR CHILDREN. The groups are oriented towards the education of children from 4 to 18 years of age and consist of a maximum of 6 children.

MINI TENNIS FOR CHILDREN UP TO 10 YEARS, ITF TENNIS 10'S (LOGO) - INDIVIDUAL AND IN GROUPS. ITF TENNIS 10'S Tennis Programs are designed to keep children's attention for a long time. Playing mini-courts. We use small missiles and special balls (about 75% slower than the standard ones) tailored to children's age and skills. All training takes the form of different games where children learn technical and tactical skills. It looks like real tennis and allows our little pupils to feel like a real tennis match with long play and playing different types of hits.

Tennis is fun when you serve, keep the ball in play and score points.

The crate is 10m x 5.5m

The web is 80 cm high

Rockets have a size of 19 to 26 inches

GENERAL PHYSICAL PREPARATION (GPP). GPP-oriented exercises contribute to the development of the whole organism, stimulate immunity and temper the character.

They develop speed, endurance, coordination, flexibility, balance, quick reaction and strength, qualities that each of us needs in the stressful and dynamic life we ​​lead.

The exercises on general physical training take place during or after the tennis training.